In 2016, my friend Brian made a toast. Brian was a man of principals.  He loved his family, his country and lived with honor. You knew he had your back.  He was a Navy SEAL who went on to serve our country in the State Department. He made the world a better place and made all of us who knew him better as a result. At the end of a long night of revelry, he raised a glass and toasted “Do Good.” I asked him to explain his toast.  He looked at us and said “You do good everyday.  You always try to make a positive impact on the world around you. Knowing this allows me to do my job and that I am doing good.” Again, he toasted “DO GOOD.” Then he walked off into the night. These were the last words my friend said to me. His words have never left my heart and are now the core mission of our distillery. 

In October 2020, Do Good Spirits was born. We now raise money and awareness for his charity, which cares for Brian’s men and their families that have been left behind. 

I am proud of who we are; I am surrounded by good hardworking people, making good spirits using the finest local ingredients. We are committed to our community and remembering those who have given us these freedoms. We will always look back with fondness for our roots, but if Prohibition Distillery serves as a reminder of our naivety and struggles of our past, then Do Good is the culmination of those experiences and the hope for a bright future.

I hope that you will join us on our journey, share our spirits with your friends, and try to Do Good.  Thank you for supporting our American Dream. 



Brian Facquet
Founder, Head Distiller