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Prohibition Distillery is located two hours northwest of New York City in historic Roscoe, NY. Most people know our Catskill town as the home of American fly fishing, but we like to think of it as a "Distilling town with a fishing problem".

We made the 1929 Roscoe Firehouse and former VFW Hall our home. Our goal is to produce the highest quality spirits, help our local economy, and live our dream along the way. We chose the firehouse because we wanted to preserve the building, and the 30 foot arched ceilings in the rear made a great place for our 20 plate column. Over the years the rear of the firehouse has been the town gymnasium, a shooting range, and eventually housed the fire trucks that protected Roscoe.


Our barrel house is next door to our main distillery. This building had served as the VFW Post dedicated in honor of First Lieutenant, Harold “Wild Eye” Wood, United States Army Air Corps, 1920 to 1944. Some of the old-timers from Roscoe have told us, they recollect the brave airman flying his P-47D Thunderbolt over the town, ‘tipping his wing, then turning east to head off to war”.  We figured aging our whiskey in a building that housed so many great memories would be good karma.


The symbols seen throughout our distillery are the poppy flower and Florian Cross. The poppy, being an enduring symbol of medicinal anagesic from the battle fields of World War I to the opium dens of the far east, is a fitting image for our brand. It's a nod to the Art Nouveau style popular in the U.S. during Prohibition, as well as powerful image worn on the lapel throughout the world as a symbol of remembrance of soldiers who have died during wartime. We put it on every bottle as a toast to the memory of those fallen friends. And, as we operate out of the Roscoe Firehouse, using the Florian Cross, the symbol for the patron saint of firefighters, is a fitting and powerful motif for our brand.

Our infrastructure includes a 1,200 gallon pot still we call "Pearl", a 300 gallon pot finishing still also known as "Rosemary", a four plate column for our whiskey and a 20 plate column for neutral spirits production. Our second floor bottling room includes a bottle washer and six head bottle filler. We cork, label, blow dry and box everything by hand to ensure the quality of every bottle that's crafted in our historic distillery.



Get a hold of a case of Bootlegger 21 New York Spirits!
The birthplace of our artisinal spirits
Prohibition Distillery's beautiful spirit producing process
Prohibition Distillery artisinal spirits producing equipment
A gathering place for lovers of community and spirits
A place of prideful spirit
Come visit our distillery in historic Roscoe, NY. Fly fish one of the best locations in the U.S., then give our Bootlegger 21 New York Bourbon a taste. Here, you can fish like youre in Montana and drink like you’re in Kentucky, all just 2 hours drive from Manhattan.
How to find our wonderful distillery. Come vist!
The line-up
For love of country and distilled spirits
Our original pencil drawing of the honourable poppy flower in the style of the art deco look and feel of the prohibition era
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